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Genomic and Proteomic Network for Preterm Birth Research (GPN-PBR) was established in 2005 to concentrate on the most common form of preterm birth (spontaneous preterm delivery following the premature onset of labor) at a stage of pregnancy (delivery at less than 34 weeks) that is associated with the highest mortality and morbidity rates for the infant. The major aims of the network are to accelerate the pace of preterm birth research by focusing on global genomic and molecular research strategies and to rapidly dissemination the data to the scientific community for secondary analyses. The network projects consist of three collaborative core components: the clinical core, comprising three clinical sites, which is responsible for subject recruitment and specimen collection; the analytical core, which is responsible for genomic and proteomic analyses; and the data management, statistics, and informatics core, which is responsible for central data collection, analysis, and management; information technology; and coordination of the administrative activities of the network.

The cores consist of the following institutes with oversight provided by the NICHD:


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